The Bush Legacy

Here is graphic evidence of what the new Bush-Cheney standards of conduct toward military detainees has led to. Video here. This is still a fraction of the images that are still tied up in legal wrangles. The biggest news to me is six corpses. I thought there was only one at Abu Ghraib (though many more elsewhere, killed during "interrogation"). But given the fact that no truly independent study has been conducted into the Pentagon's policies under Bush, we still only have limited understanding of what went on. These images should tear at the heart of everyone who cares about America, the West, and the honor of the vast majority of soldiers in the military, men and women ordered to implement policies that violate the most basic ethical rules and up-end decades of American decency. Just remember what this president has said: "We do not torture." That blood you see below will be explained away. More scapegoating of low-level grunts will occur. "We do not torture." Who are you going to believe? The president or your lying eyes?