It's back - although it never really went away. Tab, for me, is now bathed in '80s nostalgia. (I had a recent dip by watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4" the other night. Yes: 4.) I have a very vivid memory of a Harvard friend of mine, with whom I've lost touch - David, if you're out there, email me! It was 1985, I think. I went to find my friend who had been in some kind of thesis hell, I seem to recall. His room was full of two things, mainly: dozens of old socks, that had been worn a few dozen times (without ever seeing a detergent), could stand up largely by themselves, and were yellow at the edges; and countless old, empty Tab cans, some crushed, others stagnant, a few actually placed in an orderly pile, ready for consumption. David's politics at the time made Noam Chomsky look like a neocon. Mine were to the right of Reagan. But we had some of the best fights in my life, jacked up on the old cola. The unique aroma of dried-up Tab cans and encrusted foot odor has never quite left my consciousness since.