Sistani's Maneuver?

Mohammed at Iraq the Model believes that the riots in Iraq were orchestrated and were given the go-ahead by Ayatollah Sistani. I have no way to judge. But he also sees some positive signs:

"There are also some positive outcomes from this incident and its aftermath; the first one in my opinion was the performance of the Iraqi army which had a good role in restoring order in many places. Actually the past few days showed that our new army is more competent than we were thinking.
But the latest events have also showed the brittle structure of the interior ministry and its forces that retreated before the march of the angry mobs (if not joined them in some cases). The statements that came from the meetings of our politicians pointed this out when Sunni politicians said they wanted the army to replace the police and police commandos in their regions. This indicates growing trust between the people and the army."

Everything is still to play for. Send Clinton.