Shut Up, Already

A reader writes:

"I am a great fan of yours, but have to tell you to please, kindly, shut up already. I can't believe I’m about to say this, but O’Reilly has it right: who does this affect? Yes, the public is entitled to full disclosure, but the reaction to this is nothing more than the pent up frustration of the media looking to finally stick it to a White House that has consistently stuck it to them. That doesn’t make the media wrong, just childish. There are a thousand more important stories (the Danish Cartoon story has practically disappeared from the television screen) and countless hours are being spent on this tripe. If the media outrage is justified because the lack of disclosure from the VP office represents a “pattern” of behavior ... well that’s a nice footnote about this administration but neither substantive nor hard news. This is not Iraq; this is not 9/11 nor Katrina. This is one hunting buddy shooting another. Re-read your 'Dear Mr. Cheney' post. It sounds ridiculous and more appropriately belongs on Huffington Post, along side of O'Donnell’s incisive 'Was Cheney Drunk?' (and 80 percent of your recent posts)."

I was actually beaten to the punch in asking Cheney to speak to the press directly by ... National Review. Yes, they wanted the press to be represented by Brit Hume, but the point's the same. Can you believe all those liberals at NRO?