Rice N' Rudy

A reader writes:

"I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the electability of Rice among Republicans. Is she pro-life enough (especially if she were teamed with Rudy)? Are Republicans really ready for a woman, let alone a black woman? And a single woman, as well? How would a Rudy-Condi ticket play with the "family values" crowd? He's divorced, an adulterer, and pro gay rights; she doesn't have children or a husband and has expressed an interest in being NFL commissioner (I am not at all implying she's gay, but others will likely infer that). Lots of twists and turns with this combo."

Yes, yes, and yes. But both now poll extremely well with Republican voters, despite all these things. I tend to believe that the actual voters in the Republican base aren't nearly as closed-minded as their leaders. The polling of evangelicals on gay marriage showed them to be largely uninterested in the topic, until Karl Rove and James Dobson organized a massive campaign to scare and mobilize them. Still, I'm not predicting anything. And I'm not endorsing anyone. But Rudy and Condi do seem to be emerging as candidates with formidable potential. (I should add that I forgot Rudy's first, annulled, marriage. Between the two of them, Giuliani and Rice have three marriages. Maybe that would satisfy the "family values crowd".)