Quote for the Day

"Reston, Va.: I want to know what Del. Eckardt recommends gay couples do to protect themselves in retirement. My partner and I are approaching retirement, and I am worried that if my partner dies before I do (he is 10 years my senior and has been the breadwinner in our family the past couple of years) that I will be in big trouble due to the lack of Social Security and health benefits that I can't enjoy because I am unable to marry. What would Del. Eckardt do if he were in my situation?

Del. Adelaide C. Eckardt: When individuals choose their lifestyle there may be implications."

- from a Washington Post chat on bids to ban marriage rights for gay couples in Maryland. In Virginia, gay couples are barred from even private contracts to protect their relationships. There's something astonishing to me about straight people simply telling gay people that we choose our orientation. Basically, they're calling us liars. In public. About the very core of our identity.