Now, a Press Ban

There's now a legal injunction in South Africa to prevent publication of cartoons already reproduced in the Muslim nation of Egypt. Here's the Christianist position in defense of banning blasphemy:

"It's blasphemy whether it is Mohammed, Jesus or a figure of any other religion depicted that way," said Rev Cyril Pillay, spokesman for the Global Network of Christian Leaders. Pillay said that while he appreciated that the press should have freedom, it should not be allowed to desecrate other religions. "Religious tolerance is of paramount importance, especially in a democracy. Muslims were offended by this cartoon so I can understand and appreciate their stance," he said.

A rabbi agrees, even though he admits he has no idea what he's talking about:

Rabbi Hillel Avidan, of the Temple David synagogue in Overport, said he had not seen the cartoons but, from what he had heard of them, they were "a terrible insult to Muslims". He said cartoonists and journalists needed to be more sensitive to people's religious beliefs and, if the need arose, withhold anything that may offend those beliefs. "My sympathies rest with the Muslim community," said Avidan.

Notice how he conflates the entire Muslim world with the fanatical intolerance of the Wahhabists. Who needs Osama to make that point when you have sensitive, Western rabbis doing the same?