Miller and Dogs

A reader makes a good point:

"Earlier today you quoted General Miller on the necessity of treating detainees "like dogs." Dogs have a long pedigree in interrogation, esp. in CIA-supported intelligence operations like the one in Egypt during the Cold War. But Miller's comment is curious because in Iraq the dogs don't appear to have been treated as badly as the prisoners.
Were the dogs psychologically abused to the point of tearing out their own fur? Were they bloodied and bruised and denied medical treatment? I know of no dog owner who rides his dogs, hoods them, attaches eletrodes to him, beats him to death, hangs him palestinian-style, or does anything else close to what our military did to those prisoners. If Miller's assertion were actually followed, the detainees would've been given plenty of water and decent food, kept in a reasonably climate-controlled environment, let outside to exercise and (extending the absurdity of it) petted and rubbed and made to feel safe and loved. I know this point has been made before, but it deserves being made so long as sadists like Miller and those above him condone and encourage the torture of prisoners. Someone should ask General Miller how he treats his dogs."

If I found someone who treated dogs the way Miller treated many innocent human beings, I'd report him to the police.