Leftism and Jihad I

My paper, the Sunday Times, has a must-read on how left-liberals in Britain created a world in which violent Jihadists were supported by tax-payers, while the p.c. elites forbade discussion of their aims and methods and the police were told to avoid offending Muslim sensitivities at all cost. Money quote:

"The authorities were wary of offending Muslim sensibilities, even in the case of Hamza. When police did finally raid the Finsbury Park mosque they treated the hotbed of terrorism with utmost respect. 'Every precaution was taken to avoid hurting Muslim sensibilities,' Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner, wrote in his autobiography. 'All police officers who were to enter the mosque wore overshoes and headgear, and the raiding party included Muslim officers to handle copies of the Koran.'

Hamza had shown no such courtesy in his public rants. Instead he had described Britain as a 'toilet' and urged his followers to turn it into an Islamic state. He had urged them to 'bleed the enemies of Allah' and to 'stab them here and there'."

I have no doubt the cops and the government were doing what they sincerely believed was for the best. But tolerance of intolerance soon becomes acquiescence to bullies, and allows extremists to intimidate moderate Muslims - with cover provided by p.c. orthodoxy. This pattern must be broken - sooner rather than later.