In Defense of Tom Ford

He has taken his clothes off for the cameras in the past. Those with Kaus-like "visceral surface revulsion" might not want to click this link. Ford offers this commentary on his own physique: "My butt is naturally hairless, by the way." The bears can move on. Meanwhile a reader writes of my earlier post:

"You were half right.
Women are not attracted to "a man's soul, his character, his style" ... they are initially attracted to his wallet and societal position. If everyone is going to admit that men are initially attracted to T & A, then why give women a pass."

Chivalry on my part? Ignorance? Take your pick. Another comments:

"Playing the straight male card here, I have to dissent on the opinon that all men 'wanna see is titties.' While Keira is stunning, and Scarlett needs more time on the stairmaster, I would prefer to see the both of them clothed any day of the week.  For an example, see the last red carpet Keira was on... she looked divine.  As far as sexism goes, I don't see it.  These were high fashion, artistic photographs.  They were not portraying women negatively, as submissives, but rather showing a natural beauty.  Reading into it, you could say the photo leans more towards the futility of the male in expressing himeself to women.  Women aren't afraid to be naked, to expose themselves to all that life, and relationships have to offer.  And the male, though dominant, will always find some way to hide a portion of himself from the woman, or man he loves.  And in that way it is not sexist, but empowering."

To be continued. The real news was getting too depressing.