Frankie Goes to Washington

The roster of editors of The New Republic is a relatively small, battered but feisty one. After the bloodbath that accompanied my own departure from the editorship, I'm delighted this transition has gone so amicably. Peter Beinart and Peter Scoblic guided the magazine back to its mission of providing the intellectual heft for liberalism, and they deserve great credit for that. In my judgment, Leon's back-of-the-book remains indispensable for any thinking person. I don't share Kevin Drum's assessment that TNR simply needs to abandon its support of the Iraq war to regain momentum and readership. I think its principled maintenance of a muscular internationalist liberalism is critical to its soul. I was proud to have kept that alive on my watch (even though I'm not quite as interventionist as many of my colleagues), and see Peter Beinart as one of the best advocates for that position in the country. I'm glad he'll be writing more. Frank Foer is a terrific choice because he has such an uncanny sense of a good story, gets the popular culture, has a deep understanding of the hegemonic right, and, above all, has a sense of humor. Welcome to the club, Frank. Now make some trouble.