I keep getting emails from people saying that Pim Fortuyn was not murdered because of his views on Islam. It's true that he was not killed by an Islamist. He was killed a leftist who symathized with Islamists. From Wikipedia:

Months later, Volkert van der Graaf confessed in court to Holland's first modern age political assassination, possibly the first since the lynching of the De Witt brothers in The Hague in 1672 (excluding WW II events). Van der Graaf claimed that he shot Pim Fortuyn "to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution." Facing a raucous court on the first day of his murder trial, van der Graaf said his goal was to stop Fortuyn from exploiting Muslims as "scapegoats" and targeting "the weak parts of society to score points" to try to gain political power. Van der Graaf said: "I confess to the shooting. He was an ever growing danger who would affect many people in society. I saw it as a danger. I hoped that I could solve it myself."

Fortuyn was not murdered for wearing fur or supporting lower taxes. He was murdered for standing up to Islamist intolerance and hate. He was murdered by a far leftist who supported the Islamists. It's amazing how the media has managed to cover this up.