First Oprah ...

... and now Howard Stern. This morning the shock-jock apparently endorsed Mickey's favorite movie. Here's one account:

Last night [Howard] thought about masturbating but decided to watch "Brokeback Mountain" instead. Howard said he tried to watch that "Wife Swap" show but it was horrible. Artie said he tried watching "The Bachelor" and he doesn't know how Howard can stand it because it's so bad.

Howard said that "Brokeback Mountain" might be one of the best movies he's ever seen. There's one ass scene that doesn't last all that long. The movie is a very moving love story and he wishes that they would force the religious right fanatics to watch it to show what happens when gays are forced to remain closeted. He told Artie that he would like the movie if he saw it. Artie figures that the producers of the movie must love that Howard is giving his blessing on the movie. Howard said the movie was so good that he couldn't turn it off.

I'm waiting for Bill O'Reilly to have the balls to watch it.