Email of the Day

A reader writes about his dad:

"I'm a hetero male (what a stupid label, but effective for a quick intro) who lives and works in Los Angeles - I don't care if someone is gay or straight. I'm part of the Brokeback target audience so my opinion is easy to guess. My recently widowed dad however is a different story - 70-years-old, Irish Catholic, retired Chicago Fire Fighter, ex Air Force, one-time union electrician and big rig driver. Until recently lived in rural Tennessee. Went to see Brokeback by himself on a recent afternoon in Ventura County, CA. The place was packed. My dad loved the movie. And, ultimately, I think it's for the reasons that your sister raised - my dad's entire immediate family is dead, his wife is dead. All that's left is me (his son), his daughter-in-law and his grandkids. He spent years caring for his demonic father who used to bust dinner plates over his head and drove his wife (my dad's mother) to suicide. He needed to create an emotional wall (and did this initially through drink). More than anyone I know, he is a victim of this macho-agressive dynamic ... and that wall has crumbled this past year for him. Brokeback, I think, helped him realize this."