Email of the Day II

A reader writes:

"You self-righteously assert in your column, 'Your Taboo, Not Mine,' that cartoons illustrating Islam's prophet Muhammad as a terrorist and sword wielding fanatic are in your words, 'rather tame?' To you, the images might have been tame, but to many devout Muslims, including myself, they were the 'mother of all insults' constituting a direct attack, and a excruciating below the belt at that one, against my faith. It was on par with declaring a war against all that I hold dear. Because for many righteous Muslims, like myself, religiosity is not divorced from 'secular' life as is the case with many in 'Enlightened Europe,' to whom religion is confined to only on 'Sundays,' if even at that. Lack of religiosity doesn’t give one the permission to offend. The right to free speech is always coupled with responsible speech, which the caricatures of the holy Prophet were most certainly not. They crossed all red-lines and bounds."

I guess I believe in a country where you have the right to a religion of 'only on Sundays' or no religion at all.