Conservatives and the Oscars

Every now and again, you hear how so many feel. A reader writes:

"Sorry to interrupt your daily diatribe against Bush while you ingratiate yourself to your new MSM masters, but did you catch the Oscar nominations? 8 for "Bareback Mounting", you know the gay cowboy movie? Have you heard of it? Well, I just checked the box office totals for this movie (that has been hyped to the gills by every gay shill in the media, including you, which is a considerable since most gays gravitate to the entertainment industry). Guess what: it fell fourteen percent last weekend.

And get this: the five best movie nominees, Capote (gay nihilist), Syrianna (US sucks and is corrupt), Brokeback Mountain (gay cowboys, uuuhhhh, yeah, right), Good Night and Good Luck (conservatives suck and there were never communists in the government no matter what those pesky Venona Papers say), Munich (hey, terrorists have feelings too), and Crash (LA is full of racist whiteys) have grossed a total of $186,000,000. That's $75 million less than Narnia. Good call Hollywood. Nominate 5 movies that nobody has seen or cares about. And you and the rest of your idiot friends wonder why nobody is going to the movies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again Andypoo: keep it up. Live in your fantasy world and keep pissing off the rest of us bumpkins. And we'll keep solidly supporting anybody but you idiot liberals. And BTW, stop with the conservative nonsense. You aren't one and we don't appreciate you posing as one and pretending you represent us. Any moron who would vote for Kerry deserves to have to sit through two hours of that mindless and nonsensical RumpWrangler Mounting.

Er, thanks.