Conservatives and the Oscars II

A reader responds:

"Your emailer does not speak for all conservatives.
I thought "Crash" was a very good movie and I am going to see "Brokeback" and give it a fair shot (although somehow I doubt the subject of same sex love between lonely 'pokes on the range will be focused on at the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko, Nevada this week). I agree the other movies listed are probably propaganda vehicles for their directors and writers (and generally Hollywood does have its head up its collective ass) - but I will probably check them out on DVD. The Academy Awards are heading down the same road as the Miss America Pageant, but least Murderball got nominated in the documentary category.
But calling you 'Andypoo,' where did that come from? It is something John Waters would put in one of his movies."

I don't know where the "Andypoo" thing came from. People who don't know me (and my dad) call me "Andy." Somehow they think it's an insult (except for my dad who has used it since I was in diapers). But I've always been an Andrew to everyone else, which came in handy when I dated an Andy. I have to say I liked "Crash" a lot, and as readers may recall, was underwhelmed by "Brokeback." As for "Good Night .." or "Munich," I haven't seen them yet, and my fiance nags me about it. I tell him I may get too irritated - anyone who knows me knows I'm no fan of Tony Kushner's politics and have made a point of noting the real communist credentials of many in the black-listed Hollywood years. Still I'll see the movies on DVD at least. Kushner may be irritating, but he's not stupid. And any exploration of the moral dilemmas of countering terrorism is worth our time right now. The only films I really won't sit through are anything by Oliver Stone or Michael Moore. They're liars and propagandists. Even then, I forced myself through "Fahrenheit 9/11." And heckled it.