New York Magazine has a cover-story on the phenom. It's a piece you'd expect from Adam Moss, the editor (and an old friend). It's a very acute piece about status, how blogdom now has an A-list, how corporations are now in on the business, how links can build a lot of traffic, how money can be made. After reading it, I should confess to some sadness. I miss the days when it was just one dude writing his thoughts to whoever wanted to read it. I hope bloggers don't get too entranced with traffic and ad revenues, although they are addictive in a way. It should still be fun - and a blog with a hundred readers can be just as effective in what it does as one with a million. If your goal is chasing readers and revenue, rather than just venting to whomever, you risk losing what makes blogging so fresh. Perhaps, alas, we already have.