Birdshot, Buckshot

A reader writes:

"You have just shown another way in which you're not a real conservative. You know nothing about guns or shooting! What Cheney shot Whittington with was birdshot, not buckshot. One does not use buckshot for hunting quail. I'd guess Cheney was using nothing bigger than No. 6 birdshot. Also, had Whittington been hit in the head with buckshot rather than birdshot, he'd likely have been killed."

I'm grateful for the correction. I'm guilty as charged. I know next to nothing about the subject. For the record, I have no problem with people who spend their spare time wandering woods in order to kill small animals. To each their own. Liberty means liberty. But, speaking personally, I'd rather leave small animals alone than spend time killing them for fun. Yeah, crazy, I know.

P.S. Just after writing this post, one of my beagles jumped up on my laptop and the re-edit page popped up. I kid you not. The Sullivan household clearly has some dissent on the whole hunting issue.