Are Conservatives Losing It?

Given Ramesh Ponnuru's recent meltdown, this email may hit the mark:

"As you've no doubt noticed, some denizens of the conservative punditocracy are beginning to flip-out and lose their cool. I can't speak to the case of Ramesh Ponnuru.  But in the case of Bill Kristol's crankiness on Fox News Sunday, we seem to be watching somone under a great deal of pressure. The Fukuyama article and the Wm. F. Buckley column have obviously come as body blows. Without questioning the purity of motive or truthfulness of Bush and the neocons, I think it can be safely said that the historical verdict on this great gamble in Iraq is unlikely to be kind. General Odom may come to be seen as the wise man. On top of all this, the Dubai ports case has forced the right to scramble and adopt the soft language of John Kerry (diplomacy and trust are more important than drawing clear lines in the sand) reversing years of careful GOP message making in the space of ten days. It's enough to make one batty ..."

I'm frankly amazed at the lack of coverage on many conservative sites of what is actually happening in Iraq, the blanket silence over the Mora memo, the avoidance of the Buckley piece, and so on. But it is always a good day when ideologues crack. That's how the light gets in.