A Da Vinci Challenge

"Thursday, CNN broadcast a story on how common anti-Semitic caricatures are in the Arab press and illustrated it with — you guessed it — one virulently anti-Semitic cartoon after another. As the segment concluded, Wolf Blitzer looked into the camera and piously explained that while CNN had decided as a matter of policy not to broadcast any image of Muhammad, telling the story of anti-Semitism in the Arab press required showing those caricatures. He didn't even blush," - Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times, today.

Rutten has a challenge to the mainstream media: will they avoid any images of the upcoming anti-Catholic movie, "The Da Vinci Code"? Of course, they won't. And, I might add, I hope they won't. Here's a bleg to readers: please keep your eyes open for media representations of objects or images blasphemous to strict Christians and Jews. Last week, for example, the cartoon series, "Drawn Together," depicted Jesus refusing to extend compassion for one of the characters and eventually puking. Have you heard of it? South Park has Jesus as one its regular characters, and a recent South Park episode portrayed a statue of the Virgin Mary, with blood exploding out of her ass onto the face of the Pope. Yes, some people protested, but most Catholics and Jews understand that this kind of stuff is the price of freedom. Most Muslims - and I'm including the moderate ones here, as well - do not. It's time for them to get over it. And it's time for the media bigwigs to end their craven, fear-driven double-standards.