A Cartoonist in Hiding

The intimidation continues in Germany. And he didn't even draw you-know-who. In Ohio, a local Muslim representative says the following: "Allah curses and condemns [the editors of the Akron Beacon-Journal] and every Muslim in this community should curse and condemn them." Why? A cartoonist made fun of CNN. The effrontery! Eugene Volokh comments:

"So I guess it's not just that we aren't supposed to draw pictures of Mohammed as terrorist, or of Mohammed at all; we aren't even supposed to draw pictures that are obviously not of Mohammed, and that are meant to mock the inability to draw pictures of Mohammed."

Yes, Eugene. The point is this: everyone is supposed to observe the religious constraints of one particular faith, regardless of whether we share it. And if we don't observe Islamic etiquette ... we're lucky if we only get cursed and condemned. Get that?