A reader writes:

"I never heard of you or read any thing you wrote, but I watched you accidentally with Anderson Cooper talking about Islam. I saw you and I heard another caricature: a caricature of Ignorance, arrogance and lack of respect for others based on democracy and the West and brainwashed 'freedom.'

In Islam RESPECT is Number one, RESPECT of the Mothers and Fathers the Elderly etc RESPECT is the key to conquer the Muslim world. So if you do not understand the world RESPECT ... then as we say here forget it ... if you wish to open your mind and understand what is Taboo in other people's culture and understand the meaning of RESPECT, it's fine. We call it here an open mind. If not, Ignorance is a great ocean to swim in. Jesus said love your neighbor: that means RESPECT your neighbor. Understand him and respect his feeling. Watching you talk was a disaster."

One small comment: I have no interest in conquering the Muslim world. I just want the West to remain free. That means that respect is a two-way street.