Email of the Day

A reader writes:

I am sure Hitchens shares your disillusionment about the failings of the Bush Administration in the War on Terror (I read recently that Hitch is involved in a FISA request with the ACLU to determine if foreign journalists were targeted by the NSA).  Obviously, being an atheist, Hitchens disagrees with the religious right in this country.  I am sure he is very critical of the tactical and moral errors of the Administration (although comparing Bush to Stalin is a bit much).  But as annoying as fundamentalist Christians can be, they are nothing compared to the threat of fundamentalist Islam. No other major society has embraced the dark virtue of jihad and death as a virtue. Christian martyrs willingly go to their deaths rather than deny their faith. Islamic martyrs seek to take out as many "unbelievers" and "apostates" as they can (which is why the thought of the Iranians mullahs getting nukes is beyond disturbing).

At least George Bush gets the big issue--that we have to fight this.  Fighting, even if you are not fighting well, is better than giving in.  The Democrats still don't get it.  For all of W's and the Administration's failings on the war on terror, they are hands down better than Al Gore and Kerry would have been.

History will judge, I guess.