Email of the Day

An atheist reader defends fundamentalist pharmacists:

"I do think if my fellow atheists would back off a little bit and let the fundies have a few meaningless symbols ("merry christmas", 10 commandments posted, creche in the town square) they would go back to sleep and give us the Republican party back since most of them are cheating, aborting, brokeback mountaining, drugging and generally sinning as fast as the rest of us and they can just go back to it.

Now my point: In "Pharmacists and Fundamentalists" you say "we once allowed...".  Note that during this "once" none of those drugs actually existed. I actually have some sympathy for the fundies on this one, since so many of the new miracle and lifestyle drugs that science comes up with now focus on things that are considered sins, but just weren't an issue on the radar in the past. It has to be overwhelming and confusing for them and again, I think just demonstrates all the trends are against them. You get kind of desparate and loud when you are flailing about trying to stop the tide."