Email of the Day II

A mother writes:

"I could hardly believe the piece about the CSPI.  I am myself a Massachusetts-dyed-in-the-wool liberal, but when I see people using their children to shake their fist at the ocean instead of pointing the fist at their own much deserving cheek, it sickens me.  I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, so I can sympathize with the tantrum that erupts as as you say no, we aren't buying Nemo Gummy Juicy Fruits, as they are neither juicy, nor a fruit.  However, I chose to have children and I choose to let them watch the occasional TV show exposing them to the commercial world.  I know it's easy to roll ones eyes at the left going insane again, but I don't believe this is a left or a right issue (I have an evangelical Christian friend who would agree with going after the companies who market to children); it's a laziness issue. More and more parents, both liberal and conservative, are afraid of telling their kids no while at the same time expect the rest of the world to bend over backwards to ensure their children are raised in a good environment."

Yes, bossiness and victimhood are neither right nor left. Increasingly, they're both.