Christians vs Bush's Torture Policy

Yesterday, I mentioned the cover-story in the February edition of the evangelical magazine, Christianity Today. It's called "Why Torture Is Always Wrong." Money quote from a bastion of the Christian right:

"It is past time for evangelical Christians to remind our government and our society of perennial moral values, which also happen to be international and domestic laws. As Christians, we care about moral values, and we vote on the basis of such values. We care deeply about human-rights violations around the world. Now it is time to raise our voice and say an unequivocal no to torture, a practice that has no place in our society and violates our most cherished moral convictions."

I'm impressed by the author's refusal to look away from the grotesque abuses enabled and condoned by this administration. It's past time for the religious right to take on this torture-approving president, who declares himself above national and international law. And surely it's time for the torture-backers, like National Review, the Weekly Standard, and the Wall Street Journal, to attack these quisling liberals who do not recognize that we are "morally compelled" to torture people.