In the redesign, I forgot a great website that is now added to "The Daily Read." It's called the Independent Gay Forum, and it features some of the best non-left gay writing and thinking out there. Increasingly, it features simply the best gay writing and thinking out there, period. Most of the brightest stars in gay nonfiction writing are now outside the old left-wing stable. Think of Jon Rauch or Norah Vincent or Walter Olson or Dale Carpenter or Bruce Bawer or Camille Paglia or Johann Hari or Matthew Parris or Chris Crain. One of the great paradoxes of the last decade has been the growth of the gay non-left alongside the increasing hostility to gay equality championed by the GOP and the rightwing blogosphere. Never in the field of rhetorical combat has so much conservative talent been greeted by so much Republican hostility. Too sad. But it hasn't stopped these independent writers from a burst of intellectual energy. Check them out. Steve Miller's blog is especially fun.