Track of the Day: ‘Here In Spirit’ by Jim James

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

Depending on your mood and worldview, this video from Jim James of My Morning Jacket—featuring heavily symbolic butterflies, a heartfelt hug between a white cop and a Black Lives Matter activist, and a mystical blind man radiating positivity—will strike you either as a bit too woo-woo for the political moment or as exactly what the moment needs. In any case, the song is really beautiful. It’s from the soul rocker’s album Eternally Even, released earlier this month. The video’s premiering exclusively here, now:

Here’s James’s statement on the video:

so much confusion in the world right much pain and chaos. in times like these its easy to get angry and direct our sadness into the empty space-time false reality vacuum of the internet. but we have to try and stay positive and continue to work and speak out for peace and love and equality-in the real world... right now. we need to reach out to those we disagree with and find common ground. we must fight the divide and conquer techniques that are working so well to hold us back from universal love. that is part of what inspired moments in this video – hopeful snapshots of what that world could look like if we chose love and understanding over fear and hatred. no one can afford to stay silent. we need every vote. we need every voice. all of us need to speak out now louder than ever before in an effort to bring about lasting peace and love. much respect to all those working so hard for peace and love right now. the world so badly needs and is grateful for your work. thanks for listening.

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