Orbital View: 250 Miles Above Super Bowl Stadium

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

And traveling at more than 17,000 MPH:

For a lonely view of Kelly’s Super Bowl party inside the International Space Station, see here. Down here on Earth, readers have responded to my previous note with some of their own meaningless sports commentary, which could come in handy for the second half of the bout between the Broncos and Panthers:

“I think we’ve got a ball-game here!” (when a team that’s losing, often badly, stages a rally, usually futile, and the announcers try to sound excited).

Another reader shares her comment-generation strategy:

My favorite is to just repeat the job of the position: “The defense is really gunna have to stop these plays.”

Granted, my sister went an entire football season repeating this every game and no one was the wiser: “They keep running him like that that’s he’s GUNNA get injured.”

Here’s one from an actual Super Bowl 50 halftime announcer just now:

I think Cam Newton’s gotta get out of the pocket and start making plays on the field.

And finally, this reader has fool-proof commentary for when it’s all over:

(to comment on a team that lost):  “They left their game plan in the locker room”

(to comment on a team which won):  “They came to play”

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