Gift Ideas for a Wife Who Could Use a Vacation

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

Age: 46

Place: Michigan

Relationship: wife

From the gift-giver:

Interests are her teenage boys. One is a senior who will be moving out in August. The other is a sophomore. She likes coffee, and Oprah's Book Club (but wishes she had more time to read). Busy being part of the sandwich generation—taking care of kids and her parents. She dreams of leaving Michigan for somewhere warmer, or at least a vacation to get away and recharge, but can't as it's not affordable now.

Any gift they’ve loved?

Something thoughtful. Pandora beads with a meaning behind them.

We recommend: coffee subscription (from $16/shipment) and copper coffee press ($39.95)

A perfect cup of joe is no Hawaiian getaway, but it brings its own kind of warmth and tranquility—especially when spiked with just the right amount of coconut liqueur, and served alongside breakfast in bed. You can tap into your wife’s love of coffee with a monthly subscription from Stumptown or Craft Coffee. For bonus presentation points, pair it with a beautiful copper French press from Bodum (and maybe a mini-bottle of Kahlua). Not only does the coffee subscription offer her a new flavor every 30 days, its monthly arrival can serve as a regular reminder for you and your sons to pamper your wife, so she can unwind with a good book.

Other ideas:

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