Track of the Day: 'Here Come tha Police'

Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

If you weren’t living in Minneapolis in 2007, chances are good you never heard this song, from the local band Vicious Vicious. I was lucky enough to be an arts-and-entertainment editor in the Twin Cities at the time, and this song (along with the album that featured it) was a favorite of our local indie radio station The Current at the time. For good reason, too. To my ears, it’s a nearly perfect late-summer confection.

The song would be good even if it could only boast the fun melody, the groovy bass line and that super-danceable chirping synthesizer that kicks in under “C-c-c-come on” around 1:15. But the cinematic production elements take it over the top. As the tune begins, a car door closes and a cassette tape pops into the deck. Midway through the song, during the breakdown, you hear the putative footsteps of Jenny and the lead singer, rustling through leaves as they duck into the forest to avoid the police, guilty of too much summer-evening fun. (If you’ve got headphones nearby, put them on to hear lead singer Erik Appelwick’s seductive little whisper in your right ear at 2:15, “I can hear them getting closer.”) This is a storytelling song, through and through. That it’s also a top-down, hip-shaking summer jam is just frosting.