Watch the Trailer for ‘Serena,’ Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s Third Collaboration

The film was shot in March 2012, and it's finally being released this Thanksgiving.

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The trailer for Susanne Bier’s tortured new film Serena, which has been gestating in the editing bay for more than two years since it filmed in the Spring of 2012, has finally hit, giving proof to the rumors that this is a real movie that will actually be released in theaters at some point (around Thanksgiving, according to the trailer), starring two major actors (Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) battling adversity in Depression-era North Carolina.

Based on the bestselling 2008 book by Ron Rash, Serena follows a timber magnate (Cooper) who pursues and marries the titular Serena (Lawrence) and later discovers she can’t have children, which I guess is a problem, although the trailer isn’t concentrating on that. It’s pretty hard to understand just what this trailer is concentrating on; it’s a confused batch of not-plot and some very pretty images, but it looks like the couple starts out rich and ends up pretty poor. And maybe Serena goes a little nuts.

No one really knows why Bier took so long on post-production for this movie—it didn’t require reshoots — although the fact that she had another movie in the can in 2012, Danish rom-com Love Is All You Need, couldn’t have helped. But apparently it was just a “precision edit,” and Bier, who won the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2011 for In a Better World, is a real perfectionist. Still, you gotta wonder what the originally-planned lineup — director Darren Aronofsky and star Angelina Jolie — would have done with this project.

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