The NFL Admits It Has An 'Issue' with Domestic Violence

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The NFL's Anna Isaacson gave her first interview since being appointed to the newly created position of Vice President of Social Responsibility on Monday, telling USA Today that the National Football League "has an issue, clearly."

We are bringing in the right people to guide us, to help us make decisions that move this issue forward and to really now take this opportunity and allow us to make a massive difference for thousands of women around the country."

Isaacson is most likely talking about Lisa Friel, Jane Randel and Rita Smith, the three-person advising committee, who were appointed by Commissioner Roger Goodell as to help the league refine its policies. All three women have extensive backgrounds working with domestic violence.

In addition to her role as Vice President of Community Affairs and Philanthropy, Isaacson will also oversee the implementation of new NFL programs related to domestic abuse, violence against women, and sexual assault, according to ESPN. Goodell, who Isaacson said she speaks with "6 times a day," has faced increased pressure to resign his position as commissioner, but Isaacson stressed that Goodell is "taking an active role" addressing the issue.

We know we're going to make an impact on this and we will do what's right, and you will see that over time. In the long term, there will be a very clear silver lining to this."

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