'The Daily Show' Welcomes Old Allies Versus ISIS, Scratches Head at New Ones

Having countries like Australia and the UK on our side can feel like a reunion. Working with Iran? Not so much!

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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team returned from a one-day hiatus – he was up in Toronto presenting his directorial debut Rosewater – to find out that while he was gone, we may have gotten into another war.

"I was gone for one day," he said, exasperated.

But this isn't just any war – it's potential action against ISIS, a group that's taken over major swaths of Iraq and installed the form of government they like the most. Sound familiar?

"These people aren't just terrorists," Stewart said of the ISIS/al-Qaeda connection. "They're plagiarists."

Luckily, the U.S. won't be alone in this action. Countries like Australia, France, and the UK have indicated they're willing to shut down the threat. Also involved: Iran?

"ISIS is so bad, mortal enemies are joining together," Stewart noted with a quizzical look. "It's like that time Edward Scissorhands teamed up with Flat Stanley."

It just goes to show exactly how loathed ISIS really is. The Daily Show put together a series of clips illustrating the number of groups in Iraq that hate them.

"But you know, deep down, who hates ISIS the most?" Stewart then lowered his voice to a whisper. "ISIS. That's why they act out."

Watch the full clip – including more of Stewart's thoughts on the ISIS vs. al-Qaeda situation – below.

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