'The Daily Show' Unsuccessfully Attempts to Find the Bad in Obamacare

"No sad hugs," a nurse who lost her job – because her free clinic patients got the care they needed – told the show. "We're happy."

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Obamacare has been a lightning rod for controversy since its conception, but as time has gone on, criticism is faded. Recent polls have shown that fewer and fewer Americans support repealing the health care law. What's a hater to do now that bashing on Obamacare is out of vogue?

The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper tried his best on last night's show to find some silver lining of terror – but was incredibly unsuccessful. First, he tried to talk to Betsy McCaughey – the woman who coined the term "death panel" and had her own tough appearance on The Daily Show five years ago. But she wasn't having it, ripping off her mic and leaving after the first question.

He then talked to a nurse who lost her job because of Obamacare, the perfect bit of bad news. Except she was thrilled to lose her job, because her patients could now afford health care. Her free clinic was even shut down! ... Which is actually a good thing.

"No sad hugs," the nurse told Klepper as he tried to drum up drama. "We're happy."

With that experiment failed, Klepper moved on to patients who have personally used Obamacare – and ran into a dead end of satisfaction once again.

"They were giving me nothing, obviously biased by their personal positive experiences," Klepper said.

Watch the full clip of Klepper trying to turn lemonade back into lemons below.

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