'The Daily Show' Throws the Red Flag on the NFL's Conduct

Jon Stewart wasn't quite buying what the NFL was selling regarding the Ray Rice case.

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With the heavy news cycle still churning, The Daily Show hasn't yet had the chance to address the NFL's handling of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice's ban from the league following the assault of his now-wife, Janay. So with yesterday's developments in the case, Jon Stewart had the chance to take a swing.

Stewart's disgust with Rice and the NFL is palpable in the clip below – though still plenty funny. He poked fun at all of the Rice merchandise being pulled from stores by joking, "Rice-a-Roni is changing its name! It will now be referred to as Simmered Grain-a-Roni. Rice University will now be referred to as The University Where We Do Not Punch Ladies in Elevators."

But Stewart let his snickers fall into a seethe when talking about the NFL's claim that they hadn't seen the video – and the subsequent reports that they indeed were sent the video. In short: Stewart wasn't buying what the NFL was selling, treating their entire approach to the situation with a full dose of skepticism.

"So NFL, maybe the next time you attempt to bury the damaging information about your league's conduct," Stewart concluded, "I guess we'll know to throw the red challenge flag."

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