'The Daily Show' Takes the NFL and Adrian Peterson to Task

"Actual vikings don't treat their children like that," Jon Stewart said of Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson's alleged child abuse.

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The Daily Show took a rare ten-minute segment to dissect the NFL's recent wave of horrifying revelations on last night's show ā€“ and host Jon Stewart was in fine form.

The NFL is clearly a hot spot for Stewart (he got admirably fired up when covering the Ray Rice debacle last week) which makes it so fun to watch him tear into the organization.

On the committee of four women appointed to shape domestic abuse policies: "You know your business model is in rough shape when you need to appoint your own in-house Special Victims Unit."

On potential league response to Adrian Peterson: "Well, I guess the NFL will have to form a panel of children now."

On Peterson saying he's not a child abuser: "You beat a four-year-old with a tree branch. Here's a tip ... you can't do something to a four-year-old that you're not allowed to do to a 300-pound lineman in pads. ... Actual vikings don't treat their children like that."

One bit Stewart found particularly delicious was the reason why the NFL reversed their position on Peterson: because of pressure from sponsor Anheuser-Busch.

"Wow. So the NFL succumbed to beer pressure," he said to the audience's delight. "How crazy is this? A company that sells alcohol is the moral touchstone of the NFL."

Stewart's final twist of the knife was reserved for the league's stupidity about supposed 'distraction' Michael Sam. "Remember those days?" Stewart asked, unable to mask his smile. "Oh, what the NFL wouldn't do right now for that kind of distraction."

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