'The Daily Show' Takes a Look at Congress' Masters of Sexism

In light of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's comments, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team did a segment on Washington's sexism.

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The Daily Show team is hardly surprised Congress has found itself in another mess. That's just par for the course. But Jon Stewart was expecting something like voting down a crucial bill – not Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's accusations of Senate sexism.

Of course, the Senate does sexism the way they do almost everything else: terribly. First, one man tells her he doesn't want her to get "porky."

"By 'pork,' I assume the gentleman was referring to appropriations targeted at her constituents," Stewart joked dryly.

But then, Stewart noted, another male senator tells her he prefers his women "chubby," which was too much for the host to bear. "Even when it comes to f*cking sexism, the Senate is gridlocked!"

Though sexism is wrong no matter what the source, Stewart couldn't help but note the inherent humor in Gillibrand being judged by men who, "on a good day [look] like a bowl of dried fruit."

And Stewart's annoyance wasn't reserved just for the senators. He made a target of those who are insisting Gillibrand should have named names in her book.

"Why wouldn't the woman making a larger point about the general culture of Washington not turn this into a narrow personal attack on the people she sees at work every day?" Stewart sarcastically asked.

Watch the full clip from last night's show below.

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