'The Daily Show' Just Tries to Keep Up With All the World's Crises

All the crises in today's world can be difficult to keep up with. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team are here to help.

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With all the crises in the world today, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show team can barely keep up. Or, as the host put it, "You may have noticed recently that the world is going to, um, oh, what's it called, shit."

So in a new segment, Crisis in the Everywhere, he caught up with a crisis that's fallen through the cracks the past few weeks: Russia and the Ukraine. The newest development: Russian President Vladimir Putin denying the two countries had come to a cease-fire because Russians aren't involved.

"Don't piss on my nipples and tell me it's raining, Vlad," Stewart said.

Despite mounting evidence that the Russians are indeed involved – because of course they are – Putin just keeps coming up with new answers. So of course, Stewart noted, President Barack Obama was sure to get involved at this crisis' heart. Hence his trip to, um, Estonia.

"Excellent choice!" Stewart joked, recovering from his initial confusion. "As we all know, Estonia is a country known for its culture, rich in Estonians."

Stewart also had to take shots at Obama's bizarrely slow cadence when talking about the situation in Russia, even threatening him with a shot clock.

"I know what this is! He's slow-talking," Stewart shouted. "You're trying to run out the rest of your term!"

Watch the full clip below.

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