'The Daily Show' Is Embarrassed by Ban Ki-Moon's Choice of Climate March Outfit

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The People's Climate March, designed to protest for action about climate change, took to the streets of New York this past weekend, and The Daily Show used a segment last night to take a look at it. Al Gore was there! So was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio! And everyone's favorite march guest Ban Ki-Moon showed up in what host Jon Stewart described as "camp clothes."

"What, did you come straight from your audition for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown?" Stewart rhetorically and hysterically asked the UN Secretary-General. "You're Ban Ki-Moon!"

But that wasn't the only loopiness on the scene. Other hijinks involved at the biggest climate march in history: poor shots of on-the-scene reporters! You can see CNN's error on the left, losing their reporter beyond the crowd, but MSNBC also managed to foul it up by filming too much of a close-up with their reporter.

But as ridiculous as the march and its coverage might have been, it's important to remember that there are several in this country – including those in the House of Representatives – who don't accept the obvious facts of climate change.

In the clip below, Stewart digs into the debate between Texas Representative Steve Stockman – who tries to chalk it all up to global wobbling – and White House scientific advisor Dr. John Holdren. You don't have to guess who comes out the victor.

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