People Are Already Betting on the Royal Baby

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Rejoice, royal baby enthusiasts: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again. There's going to be a second royal baby so George can have a pal. Royal Baby: The Sequel. Royal Baby 2. Royal Baby The Lesser.​ The Royal Spare.

We could go on, but we wager none of those titles will make it onto Kate and William's potential baby names list. You know what we would wager? "Elizabeth" for a girl; "Henry" for a boy.

At least, those are the names with the best odds according to Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker.

A whole lot of punters are already placing bets on the baby's name, among other things (hair color, weight, whether the royal baby will actually be royal babies). The site has accumulated enough bets that it's on track to see more than £10,000 (about $16,000) by midnight U.K. time, Paddy Power's Feilim Mac An Iomaire told The Wire.

The site released this statement to The Wire on the hoopla around the news:

If there's one thing that baby George taught us it's that the British public love a punt on a Royal offspring and we're bracing ourselves for another baby betting bonanza. Money is already pouring in by the pramload and we expect this to be the biggest novelty betting market of the year."

So how's the betting going so far? According to Paddy Power's latest numbers, the best odds are on Kate and William having a brown-haired single baby at birth. Here's the breakdown:

Hair Colour
6/4        Brown
5/2        Blonde
3/1        Red
5/1        Black

Multiple Birth
33/1       Twins
250/1     Triplets               

5/1        Less than 6lbs
5/1        6lbs to 6lbs 15oz
11/8       7lbs to 7lbs 15oz
11/8       8lbs to 8lbs 15oz
5/1        9lbs to 9lbs 15oz
8/1        10lbs or more

Name of Will and Kate’s Second Child
10/1       Elizabeth
10/1       Henry
10/1       Victoria
12/1       Charlotte
12/1       Arthur
12/1       William
12/1       Alice
12/1       Philip
12/1       Alexandra
12/1       Catherine/Kate
12/1       Charles
16/1       James
16/1       Mary
16/1       Frances
20/1       Albert
20/1       Alex/Alexander
20/1       Diana
20/1       Spencer
500/1     Macbeth

Head over to the full site to spot some more names with even weaker odds, like Game of Thrones-inspired monikers like Khaleesi and Joffrey (coming in at 1000/1 odds).

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