Olivia Pope Is Our Contemporary Carmen Sandiego in the 'Scandal' Season 4 Teaser

"Where on Earth is Olivia Pope?" That's the question on everyone's mind in Scandal's season 4 teaser trailer.

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Where in the world is Olivia Pope? That's the question in Scandal's new teaser trailer for its upcoming fourth season. The modern-day Carmen Sandiego (played by Emmy nominee Kerry Washington) isn't in her office, nor is she picking up calls from President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn). So where is she? (Spoiler alert from here on down.)

As you recall, Olivia flew away with her secondary man Jake (Scott Foley) after she realized that she herself was the scandal at the end of last season. Because a scandal must be fixed, she decided to handle herself by removing herself from the equation.

So it looks like, at least as the season begins, Olivia will be relaxing on a beach somewhere, hair not straightened, drinking her signature glass of red wine. We'll have to wait until the ABC hit's premiere on September 25 to see if she can really commit to the new zen lifestyle – or if the Scandalous lifestyle will draw her back. (We're betting on the latter.)

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