9 Plus 11 Will Never Equal 20 Percent Off

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There are bad 9/11 "tributes," and then there are really bad 9/11 "tributes."

Enter Bikram Yoga Arlington, a hot yoga center in Virginia. Earlier this morning the center tweeted out a special promotion for 9/11, promising 20 percent off (9 + 11) for anyone using the special promo code "patriotday." It did not go over so well.


The company offered a longer apology on Facebook, but really, what is wrong with people? It seems like businesses just keep getting 9/11 branding wrong. Probably because it is wrong. (Gothamist has a great round up of this year's group, if you're so inclined.)

Regardless of good taste, owner Zahra Vaezi told The Washington Post that the promotion still stands.  

"I just love yoga,” Vaezi said. “It is still Patriot Day. And I feel like if I do take [the discount] off, I would be saying there’s something wrong with it being Patriot Day.”

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