New Music Tuesday: Meghan Trainor Is All 'Title,' No Treble

Spotify gets the "All About That Bass" singer's second single, plus new work from Nick Jonas and Betty Who.

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Every Tuesday, Spotify posts a slew of new music available to stream. But with so many singles out there, how can you know what's worthwhile? Each week, The Wire will break down which songs you need to hear, which are delectable hate-listens, and which should find a home on your personal playlists. Click the song title to open it on Spotify – or jam out immediately by pressing play on the accompanying YouTube and Soundcloud players.

Least About That Bass: "Title," Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor is not just all about that bass, she'll have you know. She can also churn out a cute little ditty like this. There's more rapping in the bridge, which is ill-advised at best, but two songs in and you can already feel her signature on a song. She seems poised to stick around for a while – hopefully with less controversy around her going forward.

Score of Your New Favorite Cinematic Montage"Unbreakable," Jamie Scott

Time to get to know the songwriter of your new favorite song! Jamie Scott, a British singer-songwriter, wrote One Direction's new song "Fireproof" in collaboration with the boys. He certainly did a lovely job there, and he's bringing a similar sensibility to his song "Unbreakable." It's guitar-and-claps pop-rock, full stop, but he manages to make it sound pretty fresh. He sounds vaguely like a less irritating Adam Levine. It's a bit derivative, but it improves greatly on the trend – and it's certainly worth supporting the artist whose hit will be all over the place this fall.

Betty Who-est Betty Who That Ever Betty Who'd"Runaways," Betty Who

I will confess to not quite getting Betty Who. She's certainly talented, and being a throwback version of Robyn is kind of fun, but we've never quite connected. That said, if heavily synthesized dance pop is your thing, this is a pretty good slice of it. If you're not a Betty Who fan, this is absolutely not for you. (Or me.)

Achiest and Breakiest Voice"Show Me Emotion," The Dunwells

This single from English band The Dunwells is oddly reminiscent of early Kings of Leon, despite being so stylistically disparate. It must be because of the lead singer's naturally achy vocal, with just enough rasp to fit into the modern rock scene without being overwhelming. This is a good bit poppier than any Kings of Leon, but that's to its benefit. Stick around until you get to the bridge – that's where it soars.

Sadly Not a Beyoncé Cover"Jealous," Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is probably going to have a very big fall doing a paler shade of what Jesse McCartney was trying to do with his last album. And we can't be too mad about that. Jonas has always shined a little brighter than his brothers, plus he's smoking hot these days. (What? We're shallow.) That said, we might like this track more if it was a cover of Beyoncé's "Jealous." Because that song deserves more.

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