Meghan Trainor Gets 'All About That Bass' with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon gave the breakout hit the Tonight Show's classroom instrument treatment last night.

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Like Mariah Carey and Adele Dazeem before her, Meghan Trainor got The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's classroom instruments treatment last night. Her breakout hit "All About That Bass" is pretty bouncy as-is, but the cover gives it a little extra sprightliness.

As evidenced by their vocal accompaniment, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots clearly know this song – and why wouldn't they? It's a delightful pop confection. Note, however, that in the second verse, they sing along to almost every line except "go 'head and tell them skinny bitches that." Perhaps they find it as problematic as others have?

Regardless, while it takes Trainor a minute or so to get into it, this is a light and fun take on an out-of-nowhere hit single. Once the singer-songwriter really finds her groove, this cover turns into the perfect kicky antidote to your Friday blues.

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