'Making the Band' 15 Years Later: Where Are the Bands Now?

From O-Town to Danity Kane, where are the bands of Making the Band today?

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Remember a little group called O-Town? Long before One Direction came along to revive the boyband model, savant of the form Lou Pearlman tried to put one together on a reality TV show. Pearlman had previously given us the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC – Making the Band, his ABC reality show, was another chance to strike gold.

By the very nature of starting this piece with “Remember O-Town?”, it’s clear he wasn’t quite as successful. And then, of course, he was convicted of running a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme and sentenced to 25 years in prison. But that’s another story.

Our story today is remembering Making the Band – and its three sequel series – in observance of the show’s 15th anniversary. What’s happened since then for the four acts formed on the show? How did Pearlman’s crew do compared to the three acts P. Diddy Puff Daddy Sean Combs put together? Here, we take a look at Where They Are Now.

O-Town (Making the Band)

The five guys of MTB’s original boy band split apart in 2003 after failing to catch fire. Faced with a range of options, consumers looked elsewhere – and O-Town was lost in the shuffle They came back together in 2011 for a reunion, but without member Ashley Parker-Angel. He wanted to move on to “the next chapter” of his career, and the rest of the band said they were “really hurt” by his decision. Sad O-Town. The remaining guys decided to play the long game on producing new work, finally releasing their new album late last month. You can listen to their comeback single, “Skydive,” below.

Da Band (Making the Band 2)

Unlike the others on this list, Da Band – put together by Combs – was dissolved at the end of the show's third season. They've never reunited, but former member Sara Stokes made headlines last month when she ran into trouble with the law. The others seem to be doing fine, mostly working on solo projects. Really, Combs dismantling the band stopped its members' rise before they even had much of a chance. Miss you, Da Band.

Danity Kane (Making the Band 3)

Danity Kane gave us "Show Stopper," and for that, we'll always appreciate them. We will not always appreciate band member Aubrey O'Day, who revealed herself to be quite the monster on Celebrity Apprentice. But after breaking up in 2008, the band got back together for one last go of things. Unfortunately, that reunion recently came to an end when fellow Kaner Dawn Richard reportedly punched O'Day in the back of the head. (We can't blame her too much, can we?)

Day26 (Making the Band 4)

Combs' final band – which fell apart in 2012 – came back together recently to announce a new album. Sadly, the album came and went this summer without making much noise – but you can listen to one of the songs from the record, "Bullshit," below.

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