John Oliver and A Great Big World Eulogize the Russian Space Geckos

After "saving" the geckos with his #GoGetThoseGeckos campaign, John Oliver says goodbye with a song.

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Last Week Tonight host and gecko advocate John Oliver had some bad news to break on last night's show. The horny Russian lizards he once advocated to save from their satellite grave – using the hashtag #GoGetThoseGeckos – died last week.

Because of a mechanical failure, all five geckos sadly froze to death. But the fruit flies on board survived! That's good, right, John?

"Who gives a shit?" he yelled. "I don't care about the fruit flies! I only care about the frozen f*ck lizards!"

To pay tribute to the fallen f*ckers, Oliver first gave not a moment of silence, but "five mournful tongue flicks."

He then joined A Great Big World to sing the delicious slice of melodrama "Say Something," interspersed with sad reflections like, "But let's remember they died doing what they loved: f*cking in space." Watch the full clip above.

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