Jennifer Lopez Is Sleeping with 'The Boy Next Door' in the Trailer for Her New Movie

The 2015 thriller about a woman's affair with a younger man is Jennifer Lopez's first live-action film since 2013's Parker.

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Do we as a nation remember how great an actress Jennifer Lopez is? Not "great" as in "Helen Mirren," but definitely up there with Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz. She's a talented woman, and though we've loved liked tolerated her revived music career, we're thrilled to see her get back to the cinema.

Though she has three movies set for next year, we've got a trailer for the first: The Boy Next Door. In it, J. Lo plays a teacher at a local high school who has an affair with a guy who puts the "stud" in "underage student" (played by the Step Up franchise's Ryan Guzman). Soon enough, the boy grows obsessed with her, threatening her ex-husband (John Corbett) and waving a gun around her son (Ian Nelson).

The trailer is spectacularly batshit, with lots of double entendre ("It got pretty wet here," "I love your mother's cookies") and J. Lo walking around with a giant knife. There's even random Kristin Chenoweth! Glinda deserves more film work, too.

With a January 15, 2015 release date, The Boy Next Door isn't going to be J. Lo's The Blind Side. But we're just so happy to have Selena back.

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