Gillian Anderson Joins the Cast of 'Hannibal' Full-Time for Season 3

She plays Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist and, from the looks of this year's season finale, is going to be pretty crucial.

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After two years of brief but intriguing guest appearances as Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist Bedelia du Maurier in the dark NBC drama Hannibal, Gillian Anderson is moving to full-time on the show, reports TVLine. Showrunner Bryan Fuller hinted at a bigger role for Bedelia at his Comic-Con appearance this summer, but Hannibal has long had to wrestle with Anderson's busy schedule.

Last season, Bedelia had a strong couple episodes at the start before vanishing very suddenly because of her commitment to the NBC show Crisis, which tanked and was quickly canceled (she's also the star of dark UK crime drama The Fall, but that's easier to shoot around). It's especially good news for the show because, well, don't read on if you want to be spoiled on season two.

Since the finale saw Hannibal fleeing the country and getting on a plane with Bedelia, the show's whole "serial killer of the week" structure is clearly going out the window anyway, and Fuller is promising us some fun overseas adventures starring Hannibal and Bedelia, for sure. You gotta figure Will Graham survived the finale bloodbath too, but Laurence Fishburne is definitely up in the air, particularly since he's in ABC's Black-ish this season (he's said he'll appear in some, but not all, of Hannibal season three).

Who knows when the little-watched but critically-beloved European co-production will find a spot on NBC's schedule this year, but whenever it does, can't wait to see what Anderson can do full-time.

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